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Filtered Water All The Time. NO SEPARATE TAP NEEDED.
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Water is a universal solvent and dissolves more substances than any other liquid.

Q-Series 12 Inch

We stock a full range of Premium USA Omnipure Replacement Q Series 12 Inch Water Filters. The Q-Series is the ultimate “user friendly” inline filter on the market. Replacement of the spent media bed is completed , in a matter of seconds, by detaching the filter body from a permanent head with a twist of the wrist. The new filter body is just as easily threaded into the head, and the replacement is then complete. You are viewing our range of Omnipure Q-Series 12" x 2.5" replacement water filters.

Omnipure Q5605 Sediment Prefilter Quick Change 12"

The Omnipure Q5605 Quick Change Water Filter is very "user friendly and...
Omnipure Q5620 1 Micron Carbon Block Quick Change

Omnipure Q5620 Q-Series Carbon Block Water Filter: The Omnipure Q5620 Block 1...
Omnipure Q5633 Granular Activated Carbon Quick Change

Omnipure Q5633 Q-Series Coconut GAC Water Filter: The Omnipure Q5633 acid washed coconut...

Omnipure Q5640 Granular Activated Carbon Quick Change

Omnipure Q5640 Q-Series Coconut GAC Water Filter: The Omnipure Q5640 acid washed coconut...
Omnipure Q5654 Q-Series Softening Filter 12" C100E FDA

The Omnipure Q5654 is a cation exchange softening cartridge which reduces hardness and...
Omnipure Q5655 ION Exchange Cartridge Quick Change

Omnipure Q5655 Deionization Water Filter: The Omnipure Q5655 water filter is "user...

Osmotik Omnipure QR04 Reverse Osmosis Membrane 36GPD 12"

Osmotik HydROtwist HT4000 HT5000 TQ56-36FC Omnipure QRO4 Q5672 TQ56-36FC Reverse Osmosis...
Osmotik Hydrotwist QR04 Omnipure Reverse Osmosis Membrane 12"

Osmotik HydROtwist HT4000 HT5000 TQ56-50FC Omnipure QRO4 Q5672 Reverse Osmosis Membrane....

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