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Installation Videos

We have a wide range of installation videos available to suit most under sink water filter systems, countertop and reverse osmosis water filter systems. We also have some general video tutorials for quick connect fittings and shower water filter systems. If there is something you cant find please contact us and we would be happy to help with your installation.


Please visit the Tru Water University to guide you and assist you with installation.


We have the following videos available:


Countertop Filter Systems

1. Installation of Standard Female Diverter Valve

2. Installation of Standard Female Diverter Valve with Male Adaptor

Under Sink Filter Systems

1. Installing an Under Sink Water Filter System

- Use this video if you are installing a Single, Twin or Triple System 

2. Replacing Standard Under Sink Filters

- Use this video to replace your filters on single, twin, triple and reverse osmosis under sink water filter systems with standard housings

3. Replacing an In Line Filter (Quick Connect)

- Use this video if you have a external fridge filter, countertop filter, or a traditional under sink reverse osmosis system

Shower Filter Systems

1. Installing a Standard Shower Filter

- This video is applicable to all shower filter systems

2. Replacing a Shower Filter

The shower filter used in this video is a Sprite Chrome Shower Filter System and can be used on the entire sprite range. This can also be used for other shower filter systems please check before using it as a reference or contact us

General Videos

1. How to use Quick Connect Fittings

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