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28 Nov Common Water Filter Technologies – Explained
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Water filtration products are invaluable for bringing us clean and safe water. But have you ever considered how they’re able to do this?There is a wid..
18 Oct Avoid These 4 Health Conditions with a Shower Filter
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We shower to wash away dirt, sweat and bacteria; stay clean and smell fresh; and generally, just feel great and relaxed. But did you know that the wat..
31 Aug Is it Time to Replace Your Fridge Filter?
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Refrigerators with built-in ice and water dispensers are arguably one of the best inventions in the modern world. No need to refill ice trays or get w..
01 May Samsung DA29-00003G vs DA29-00003F which one fits my fridge?
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We have recently experienced a spike in inquiries from customers asking the difference between the DA29-00003G and DA29-00003F fridge filters and whic..
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