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Brand: Daewoo Model: DW2042FR-09
Daewoo AquaCrystal Genuine DW2042FR-09 3019986700 Replacement Fridge Filter Aqua Crystal DW2042FR-09 is orginal water filter for Daewoo refrigerator. Removes odors from the water, chlorine taste and other contaminants, making the water from your fridge clean and pure. The product..
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Brand: Daewoo Model: DW2042FR-09-HT
HydROtwist Compatible Aqua Crystal DW2042FR-09 water filter for Daewoo refrigerator's. Removes odours, chlorine, taste and other contaminants from your water. HydROtwist produce premium Daewoo compatible fridge filters to suit the Korean MicroFilter range of water fitlers. The produ..
Ex Tax:$44.55
Brand: Daewoo Model: DD-7098
Daewoo Genuine Replacement Water Filter DD-7098 This filter is also compatible with the following inline water filters: Chungho Microfilter, BFFR, Miele & LG BFFR, Daewoo DD-7098, Amana RO183114, RO185022, WF270.These are currently unavailable and will be substituted with a USA Made pre..
Ex Tax:$32.73
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