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Water Filter FAQ

1.    What is the best filter for me?

We have a wide variety of water filters to suit most applications. Please contact us and our sales team will give you the best water filter system suited to your requirements.

2.    What does it remove?

Each water filter system has its own characteristics on what they actually remove. If there is something you are concerned about in your water or require the removal of a certain contaminant then please contact our friendly sales team for professional advice.

3.    Will it give me sweeter tasting water?

Most of our water filters use Coconut Carbon technology which provides sweeter tasting water.

4.    Can I install an under sink myself?

Under Sink Water filters can be installed by you and come complete as a DIY package. We also provide installation instructions, videos and technical support over the phone. However we always recommend they be installed by us or your local plumber.

5.    Is a countertop easy to install?

Countertop water filters are designed to be easy to install. Most of our customers install countertop systems themselves. We also provide installation instructions, videos and technical support over the phone.

6.    How often do I replace the filter cartridges?

There are a lot of different factors to consider when changing water filters such as the number of people using the system and water quality. Each system has a specified change period for their filters as recommended by the manufacturer.  For more information please contact us.

7.    How much do replacement cartridges cost?

As each water filter system is different they all have different costs. Please contact us for more information.

8.    Is there a guarantee?

All of our products come with guarantees which are supported by the manufacturer. Each water filter system will also come with a specified warranty period so please check the product information page. Our guarantees and warranties range from 1 year to a Life Time.

9.    What is the cost of installation?

Installation starts at $99.00 depending on system and application.

10.    What if I need a service call?

We provide on-site service calls to most location please contact us for service areas and pricing or visit this page.

11.    Can I be reminded when my cartridges need changing?

If you purchase something from us online you will automatically be enrolled in our replacement filter reminder service and you will receive a generic email from us when you are due for replacements. If you haven’t purchased a water filter from us we are more than happy to remind you please contact us.

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