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10" x 4.5" Ceramic Filters


We stock a full range of ceramic doulton rio 2000 water filter elements to suit big blue, big white and jumbo stainless steel 10" x 4.5" water filter housings.

Brand: Doulton Model: W9381000
The Doulton Rio 2000 multi candle filter module is a unique 6 element compact, high-flow fitration module specificly designed for use in home and rainwater tanks that require high percentage sediment and bacterial removal. The individual ceramic candles can be washed and reused as the candles bec..
Ex Tax:$199.09
Brand: Doulton Model: W9120145
Replacement candles for the RIO 2000 includes six sterasyl candle's with o-ring's...
Ex Tax:$135.45
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