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Camping & Travel Filters

Camping & Travel Filters

We are very proud to introduce Katadyn Products which provide safe drinking water wherever you travel. Katadyn products are Swiss Made and should be on every outdoor enthusiasts list to supply reliable, safe drinking water regardless of whether you are travelling as a globetrotter, a holidaymaker, a camper or sailor.

Water is not neccesarily drinking water - a crystal clear stream or lake usually contains microorganisms that can make you sick. Water contaminants like protozoa, bacteria and viruses can cause serious illnes. Avoid tap water and ice cubes any time the water quality is uncertain - even bottled water can be questionable when available.

Good health while travelling starts with travel preparation and the right Katadyn Product for safe drinking water whether outdoors, camping, backpacking, sightseeing, exploring or simply touring in other countries. Katadyn have a nice variety of water filtration and purification systems available to suit almost all applications. The Katadyn Micropur system comes in liquid and powder, The Katadyn Water Filters and Purification systems come in several different models to suit the number of people and the quality of water produced.

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