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Filtered Water All The Time. NO SEPARATE TAP NEEDED.
Hot, Cold & Filtered - All In One Mixer Tap

Find Your Fridge Water Filters In A Few Easy Clicks
Tru Water University - DIY Videos

Did You Know?

Only 0.5% of the worlds water resources are available to provide for the freshwater needs of our planets ecosystem and population. Water is not distributed evenly around the globe. Less than 10 countries possess 60% of the worlds available freshwater supply.

Katadyn Filter Systems

Katadyn's unique products provide safety and convenience for many user groups including militaries, health organizations, backpackers, hikers and outdoor adventurers worldwide. No other water system provides higher quality or longer lasting performance with a wide range of water filter systems to suit all needs. Whether you are camping or travelling you can always rely on a Katadyn filter to provide safe drinking for you and your friends/family.

Katadyn Vario Backcountry Series

  The Vario combines individual efficiency with the simplest possible handling. The...
Katadyn Hiker MicroFilter Backcountry Series

The Katadyn Hiker is the best selling microfilter in the US Outdoor Market. Lightweight...
Katadyn Mini Ceramic Micro Ultralight Series

The Katadyn Mini is the lightest and most compact filter on the market. Its small size...

Katadyn Pocket Endurance Camping Hiking Series Water Filter

The classic. This robust water filter made of heavy duty materials is ideal for long...
Katadyn Combi Microfilter Camping Endurance Series

The Katadyn Combi combines a silver impregnated ceramic element and a refillable,...
Katadyn Combi Plus Camping Hiking Filter Endurance Series

  The Katadyn Combi combines a silver impregnated ceramic element and a refillable,...

Katadyn Drip Ceradyn Camping Filter Endurance Series

A Free-standing gravity filter with 3 ceramic filters and a 10 liter water container for...
Katadyn Camp Hiking Endurance Series

This gravity filter is practical and versatile in application. The Katadyn Camp model...
Katadyn Expedition Endurance Series

The Katadyn Expedition is ideal for large groups, expeditions, river rafting,...

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