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Ikea Fridge Filters

Looking for a replacement water filter for your IKEA branded Refrigerator? 

You will need to identify the right filter using the genuine Whirlpool branded filter models listed below. Since IKEA refrigerators are built by Whirlpool they use Whirlpool filters as well. To identify the correct filter check the filter installed in your fridge or the user manual included.
Refrigerator Type
Refrigerator Model # Water Filter Air Filter
French Door 602.887.58 FILTER1 (W10295370) AIR1 (W10311524)
French Door 802.887.57 UKF8001 N/A
French Door 402.887.59 UKF8001 N/A
French Door 102.992.58 FILTER2 (W10413645A) AIR1 (W10311524)
Side By Side 302.548.92 FILTER1 (W10295370) N/A
Side By Side 002.887.56 FILTER1 (W10295370) AIR1 (W10311524)

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