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Filtered Water All The Time. NO SEPARATE TAP NEEDED.
Hot, Cold & Filtered - All In One Mixer Tap

Find Your Fridge Water Filters In A Few Easy Clicks
Tru Water University - DIY Videos

Did You Know?

Over 5,000 children die each day due to dirty water or poor hygiene.

Insinkerator Systems

We no longer distribute the Insinkerater range of water dispensing systems and we have replaced them with a premium alternative please have a look at our HydROtwist range of water dispensing systems.

Insinkerator Instant Hot & Cool Dispenser Tap with Filter HC1100

Insinkerator HC1100 Instant Hot & Cool (Room Temprature) Water Dispenser provides...
Insinkerator HC1100 Hot & Chilled Dispenser Tap With Filter

Insinkerator HC1100 Instant Hot & Chilled Water Dispenser provides filtered...

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