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9" x 2.5" Water Filter Sets


We stock a full range of 9" non standard water filter sets to suit Doulton Superblock Twin and a range of non standard 9" systems. We also stock a full range of compatible/generic premium 9" replacement water filter cartridges. Why pay hundreds when you can have the same quality filtration for a fraction of the cost.

Doulton Twin Under Sink Replacement Filter Set OMB834 9" Inch
Top Brand
Brand: Omnipure USA Model: DSOMBRFS-9
Doulton Twin Under Sink Replacement Filter Set to suit Non Standard 9" inch Comes with the Doulton Imperial Sterasyl Pre Filter and Omnipure Carbon Block Post Filter OMB834 Stage 1 - Doulton Imperial Ceramic 0.2 (Nominal) Micron Pre Filter (STERASYL9) 9" Inch Doulton Ceramic ..
Ex Tax:$89.09
Brand: HydROtwist Model: DSOMBRFS-9-HT
HydROtwist Premium 9” (228mm) Replacement Ceramic Water Filter Set- Compatible replacement filter set   Suitable replacements for the Doulton Twin 9" Omnipure Superblock and Sterasyl Filter Systems. - 100% Cleanable/Washable with a Scoth Brite or Nail Brush- 0.2 Micron ..
Ex Tax:$62.73
Brand: HydROtwist Model: PPOMBC9
HydROtwist Superior Sub Micron Sediment and 1 Micron Carbon block replacement water filter set suitable for the reduction of chlorine. taste, unpleasant smells and some chemicals.Comes with the following:- 1 x HydROtwist Premium 0.5 Micron Polyspun Sediment 9" x 2.5" - 1 x HydROtwis..
Ex Tax:$53.64
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