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Triple Whole House Water Filter System 20" Big Blue Fluoride FLO

Triple Whole House Water Filter System 20" Big Blue Fluoride FLO


Hand Built & Factory Tested, Neat and Compact, This Premium Triple Whole House Point of Entry Water Filtration System can be convieniently installed on the supply line of your house or property. Easy for Handyman to install.

Kit Includes: Bracket and Stainless Steel Screws, 3 x 20" x 4.5" Housings with 3/4" BSP female ports Highest Grade High Pressure Housings, 1 x GAC Granular Pre-Filter,  1 x 5m Carbon Block Pre-Filter, 1 x HydROtwist All Activated Allumina Fluoride Reduction Filter.

5 Year Warranty

Stage 1 - Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) 20 Micron Pre Filter (GAC2045)
The 20 micron GAC is a refillable filter which further removes chlorine, chemicals, tastes and odours.

Stage 2 - HydROtwist Fluoride Reduction Post Filter (XF2045FL)
The All Activated Allumina Filter reduces Fluoride from town supplied water up to 85%*

Stage 3 - CTO Premium Carbon Block 5 Micron Pre Filter (CB20455)
The 5 micron CTO is a premium carbon filter which removes Cryptosporiduim, Giardia, Metals, chlorine, chemicals, VOC's, tastes and odours.

*Depending on input Fluoride PPM (Parts per million)

Made from premium coconut-shell carbon, fresher, sweeter tasting water is ensured.

With the Quality Triple Whole of House Water Filter system your family will be guaranteed safe drinking water.

The Quality Triple Water Filter DIY package comes complete and ready to install with 5 year Warranty and Customer/Technical Support.

Optional Extras (please choose above)

Add inlet and outlet pressure gauge's

Save money and buy extra sets of filters in advance.

Water Filter Bypass Kit - Comes complete assembled and ready for installation. Makes it simple to change filters without the water having to be switched off, the water is simply bypassed through this kit. Allows bypass of filter in the event of an emergency. Made from copper and solid brass ball valves (isolation valves) for durability and strength.

All extra options need to be selected above prior to purchase.

Installed Triple Big Blue Whole House System with UV Sterlizer:

Whole House Triple Big Blue with UV

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Triple Whole House Water Filter System 20" Big Blue Fluoride FLO
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