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Omnipure K2540 JJ GAC JG Quick Connect Straight 1/4" Tube

Omnipure K2540 JJ GAC JG Quick Connect Straight 1/4" Tube
Omnipure K2540 JJ GAC JG Quick Connect Straight 1/4" Tube
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The Omnipure K-Series K2540-JJ filters features 1/4" Quick-Connect compression fittings that allow for installation and replacement in a matter of seconds without the use of tools.

The Omnipure K-Series Quick-Connect fittings are molded directly into the filter body and cap as a single unit, reducing the chance for weeping or seepage. Cap and body are spin-welded together producing a smooth, consistent seal without the use of glues or binders that can cause contamination.

The Omnipure K2540-JJ water filter can be used as a Post R.O. filter.
One of the primary uses of the K2540-JJ Water Filter is as a system component. Systems can be designed to incorporate the various lengths and diameters - either all the same size or intermixed - to meet specific filtration needs.

The Omnipure K2540-JJ Coconut GAC Water Filter can be used in ice makers, refrigerators, beverage equipment, drinking fountains, under the counter systems, R.O.Systems and in conjunction with purification systems.

The Omnipure K2540-JJ GAC water filter is a coconut shell granular activated carbon filter used to reduce taste, odor and chlorine taste and odor.

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