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MB400IND ION Exchange Mixed Bed Resin Deionizer Media 25L

MB400IND ION Exchange Mixed Bed Resin Deionizer Media 25L
MB400IND ION Exchange Mixed Bed Resin Deionizer Media 25L
  • Brand Purolite
  • Model MB400IND-25000
  • Weight: 25.00kg
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Colour Changing Premium Grade Purolite MB400IND ION Exchange Mixed Bed Resin media is made up of resin. It removes calcium and magnesium ions from water by exchanging them with harmless sodium ion's. For use with all Softening applications, commercial and industrial, Window cleaning equipment and filtration systems and some domestic/residential drinking water filtration/purification devices.

Purolite MB400IND is a high quality resin mixture for direct purification of water. This resin mixture changes color from blue-green to amber on exhaustion. It is designed for use in both regenerable and non-regenerable cartridges. It contains an indicator which shows when the resin is exhausted and can no longer treat the water. The chromatographic profile is sharp when using standard flow rates of 5-40 BV/h, hence a sharp color change is observed and moves progressively down the bed as the resin is exhausted. Passage of water at recommended flow rates through the resin, as supplied, can achieve almost complete reduction of total dissolved solids. The residuals produce average conductivity values of about 0.1 uS/cm for a major portion of the service run. However it will be necessary to cease water production shortly prior to complete color change if highest quality water is essential. Generally water with a conductivity between 5-30 uS/cm is obtained when the green-blue color finally disappears. Exposure of the mixture to the atmosphere for lengthy periods can result in some loss in hydroxide sites of the anion component by conversion to carbonate from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This can give rise to loss of treated water quality. Exposure of the resin to daylight can also result in loss of indicator color. Accordingly the resin should be loaded into the cartridges as soon as possible after opening the bags, and any unused resin repacked in airtight packaging which is impervious to daylight.

Product Code: MB400IND-25000

This is for a 25L Bag of MB400IND Colour Changing Ion Exchange Mixed Bed Resin

25000ml (25 Litres) of Resin equates to approximately 18750 Grams (18.75 KG)


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