We have recently experienced a spike in inquiries from customers asking the difference between the DA29-00003G and DA29-00003F fridge filters and which one should I buy.

The main questions we are going to cover in this post are:

Are they interchangeable with each other?

To sum it up they are one way but doing so may alter your fridge head and you will be stuck using one filter in the future. The DA29-00003G can be replaced with the DA29-00003F but if you do decide to change over to the 3F filter you will be stuck using them in the future as you will not be able to go back to the 3G or so we thought. If your fridge came with a 3F filter then most likely you can not use the 3G Filters.

Why does this happen?

We worked out that the slight difference in the filter key on the 3F moves the bracket inside the filter head which is situated inside of your fridge and by doing this makes it so you cant use the beloved 3G filters anymore.

Can i fix this and use 3G filters again?

To answer simply no, But it is possible we tested this extensively using a 3G filter head outside of the fridge and we did manage to make it work with a 3G filter again but it would require removing the filter head from the fridge.

So to summarise if you have used a genuine DA29-00003F or a compatible equivalent then you are most likely going to be stuck with this in the future. As we do more research and find ways to prevent this we will share this immediately. Check back soon as we are going to to cover this in more details.