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Did You Know?

Water is the only substance that exists as a solid, liquid, and gas on earth.

Water Testing Equipment

Clean drinking water is a basic human need. Unfortunately, more than 1 in 6 people still lack reliable access to this precious resource. Our goal in water testing is to help resedents decide what water filter will meet their requirements for clean, safe, drinking water at home. We can conduct comprehensive labratory testing in out of office facillities, which can detect impurities in your drinking water down to 0.01 of a milligram, in the case of such contaminents as flouride. Or we can offer preliminary testing, giving an average contamination rate with the more commen minerals, eg: copper, magneese etc.. right down to bacteria colony counts per 100ml. We also supply at home water testing kits.

Colorimetric Test Chlorine Test DPD - 80 Tests

Colorimetric Test Chlorine DPD FEATURES & BENEFITS • Approximately 80 tests...
Exact Micro 7 + General Water Test Kit Photometer USA

Sensafe Exact Micro 7+ Water Test Kit - Direct read parameters (Total alkalinity, Free...
HM Digital Quick Check TDS & Conductivity Monitor QC-1

HM Digital QC-1 Press the "Push-to-Check" button for an instant water quality...

HydROtwist Portable Digital PH Test Meter Alkalinity Aquarium

An economical pocket tester! HydROtwist's pH Meter is an easy-to-use, low cost...
HydROtwist TDS Water Filter Test Meter HT-TDS

The HydROtwist Hand Held TDS Meter is a great tool for sampling your potable water...
Milwaukee Pocket PH & Alkalinity Water Test Meter PH600

Milwaukee's economical and simple maintenance testers are easy-to-use low cost...

HM Digital Dual TDS Meter Monitors In & Out DM-1

HM Digital Dual TDS Meter DM-1 for testing total dissolved solids (ppm.) This is...
HM Digital Commercial Dual TDS Meter Monitors In & Out DM-2

HM Digital Commercial Dual TDS Meter DM-2 for testing total dissolved solids ppm. This is...
HM Digital Commercial Dual EC Monitor DM-2EC

HM Digital Inline EC ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY monitor that can be installed on industrial...

HM Digital Triple In Line TDS 3 Point Monitor TRM-1

HM Digital Triple In Line TDS 3 Point Monitor TRM-1 Three sensor TDS monitor that is...
HM Digital Single TDS Meter Monitors Single Line SM-1

HM Digital Single In Line TDS Meter for testing total dissolved solids ppm SM-1. This is...
HM Digital OEM In-Line Single TDS Purity Monitor PM-1

An ideal monitor/alert for water coolers and other enclosed water purification systems....

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