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Filmtec Low Energy Membrane Element XLE4040

Filmtec Low Energy Membrane Element XLE4040
Filmtec Low Energy Membrane Element XLE4040
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DOW FILMTEC XLE-4040 4" x 40" Commercial Membrane is the most productive, lowest pressure RO membrane available, delivering the lowest total system cost. It may be cleaned over a wide pH range (pH 1-13) for the most effective cleaning.
New DOW FILMTEC XLE elements offer better system performance and economics by operating at very low applied pressure. XLE membrane, made with a patented technology, provides consistent and reliable system performance. And for added convenience, XLE elements are available in a dry state for rapid start-up. The new XLE series of elements replaces TW30LE elements which were made with an older membrane technology.
Operating Limits:
- Membrane Type Polyamide Thin-Film Composite
- Maximum Operating Temperaturea 113F (45C)
- Maximum Operating Pressure 600 psi (41 bar)
- Maximum Pressure Drop 13 psig (0.9 bar)
- pH Range, Continuous Operation 2 - 11
- pH Range, Short-Term Cleaning 1 - 13
- Maximum Feed Silt Density Index SDI 5
- Free Chlorine Tolerance <0.1 ppm
- Permeate Flow Rate: 2,600 GPD
- Please note that this is a special order only.

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