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Aquaport AQP-FCR3 Replacement Water Filters 6 Pack

Aquaport AQP-FCR3 Replacement Water Filters 6 Pack
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Aquaport AQP-FCR3 Replacement Water Filters 6 Pack
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  • Brand HydROtwist
  • Model: AQP-FCR3-HT-2
  • Weight: 1.00kg
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Comaptible Aquaport Model AQP-FCR3 Replacement Water Filters.

Bulk Buy 2 x 3 Packs.

Description: Filter replacement for jugs, Auaport TTX water coolers, and Aquaport filter bottle. Filters reduce chlorine, bad taste & odour and heavy metals - lead & copper.

Features and Benefits:
- Pack of 6 replacement filter cartridges
- Granular Activated Carbon and Ion Exchange Resin Compostion
- Reduces Chlorine, Taste & Odour
- Reduces heavy metals such as lead and copper
- Filter life 2-3 months (150L filtered water - 10x 15L spring water bottles or 250x 600ml bottles)
- Compatible with all Aquaport FilTTX products
Suitable for product(s):
- Most Aquaport TTX products
- Lumina - AQP-FFC-FBOT3 (7138)
- Lumina - WD5TT28 
- Aldi Crofton - 2L Water Jug 
- Innovia - INO-8CS
- Innovia - INO-MCS-FBOT3
Performance: 150L or 2 Months per cartridge

No Shelf Life
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