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Filtered Water All The Time. NO SEPARATE TAP NEEDED.
Hot, Cold & Filtered - All In One Mixer Tap

Find Your Fridge Water Filters In A Few Easy Clicks
Tru Water University - DIY Videos

Did You Know?

Water is the only substance that exists as a solid, liquid, and gas on earth.

9" x 2.5" Ceramic Water Filters

We also stock a full range of NON-STANDARD 9 inch ceramic water filters, we stock generic type replacements and genuine doulton sterasyl and ultracarb.

Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Water Filter Imperial 9" Inch

Doulton Sterasyl Imperial Ceramic 9" Inch Water Filter. Self-sterilizing with...
Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Water Filter Imperial Non Standard 9"

Doulton Ultracarb Imperial 9" inch Replacement Ceramic Water Filter Self-sterilizing...
Doulton Sterasyl Compatible Ceramic Sediment Pre filter 9"

Premium 9" 228mm Ceramic Sediment Pre filter.   Doulton Sterasyl Compatible...

Doulton Ultracarb Compatible Ceramic Sediment Carbon Filter 9"

Premium 9" 228mm Ceramic Sediment Carbon Prefilter   Doulton Ultracarb...

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