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Omnipure Q-Series Q5520 1 Micron Carbon Block Quick Change

Omnipure Q-Series Q5520 1 Micron Carbon Block Quick Change
Omnipure Q-Series Q5520 1 Micron Carbon Block Quick Change
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Omnipure Q5520 Q-Series 1 Micron Carbon Block Water Filter effectively reduces giardia cysts, chlorine, taste & odour.

Perfect filter for applications that require scalde reeduction including coffee machines, under sink boiling systems, freestanding coolers and commercial applications.

The Omnipure Q5520 Quick Change Water Filter uses premium acid washed coconut carbon.

Replacement of the spent media bed is done quickly by detaching the filter body from a permanent head with a twist of the wrist.

The Omnipure Q5520 filter body is just as easily threaded into the head and the replacement is then complete.

The Omnipure Quick Change Water Filter can be used in ice makers, refrigerators, beverage equipment, drinking fountains, under the sink systems, and reverse osmosis systems.

The Omnipure Q5520 Carbon Block water filter is a coconut shell activated carbon filter used to reduce giardia, cyrptosporidium, some metals, taste, odor and chlorine

Omnipure Q5520 1 Micron Carbon Block Water Filter Specs:

- Dimensions: 2.5" W X 10" L
- Rating: 1 Micron Rating
- Flow Rate: .5 GPM
- Maximum Pressure: 125 PSIG
- Maximum Temperature: 100 F
- Minimum Temperature: 35 F
- Service Life: 1 Year or 2500 Gallons
- Filtration Media: Carbon Block
- Reduces: Chlorine Taste & Odor
- Reduces: Cysts (Cryptosporidium & Giardia)
- Reduces: Particulates Class 1

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