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HydROtwist 2.4L Under Sink Instant Hot & Chilled Water Dispe

HydROtwist 2.4L Under Sink Instant Hot & Chilled Water Dispe
HydROtwist 2.4L Under Sink Instant Hot & Chilled Water Dispe
  • Brand: HydROtwist
  • Model: HTC2000
  • Weight: 25.00kg
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HydROtwist under sink instant hot and chilled water dispenser HTC2000 with a premium water filter system, complete with a designer dual faucet/tap that dispenses both instant hot & chilled filtered water.

This is a premium alternative to the Insinkerator HC1100 & GN1100 because it comes with a choice of different filter systems and comes with a standard 2 year ^warranty.

Product features:

Energy-efficient: Consumes less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb.

One Piece Internal Tank to prevent leaks and malfunction.

Green Material: Thermal insulation meets the UL94 standard.

Prevents Empty Burnout: Automated heater protection.

Innovation: SUS304 Ring type heater larger heating area, faster heat conduction, more power-efficient and longer running life.

New Innovation: Self-priming expansion chamber.

Design: Newly designed model greatly reduces dripping (the flaw of traditional instant hot water dispensers.)

Boiler Dimensions: W20cm x D23cm x H30cm

Under Sink Water Chiller

The IC8 Compact Remote/under-sink chiller is designed for use with our single, twin, triple and reverse osmosis water filter purification systems.

It can be conveniently installed under a sink or bench or anywhere that suits. Suitable for small or medium commercial applications.

Cabinet: The IC8 is constructed of "Galvalume," a material with the ideal blend of Aluminium Zinc and silicone which provides the IC8 with superior heat and corrosion resistance. White powder coat finish.

Chilling & Storage Tank: Constructed of stainless steel, it has a volume of 1.9 Litres, is fully insulated and independantly tested to withstand over 800psi static pressure.

A drain plug and seal is provided, which is removable for servicing.

The internal waterlines are 1/4" OD stainless steel and are heliarc welded to eliminate corrosion.

Refrigeration System: This fan assisted, static condensor system utilises R134a refrigerant which is non toxic, non-flammable and non ozone depleting. Refrigerant flow is controlled by capillary tube, which has no moving parts.

The compressor is protected by an automatic overload, is lifetime lubricated and hermetically sealed.

Cooling Performance: 8 Litres Per Hour at 10 degrees celsius.

Cooling speed: From 27 degrees to 10 degrees in 21 minutes.

Plumbing Connections: Both inlet and outlet are recessed, 1/4" stainless steel pipes, suitable for connection to industry standard 1/4" quick connect fittings and tubing.

Chiller Dimensions: 210mm (W) x 410mm (D) x 290mm (H)

Water Filter System Options:

This unit comes standard with a single HydROtwist quick change 5 micron granular activated carbon filter and you have the option of upgrading to a single premium quick change 1 micron water filter system or a twin premium scale reduction 1 micron water filter system that will provide better tasting water and prevent lime scale build up within the system. Choice of the folllowing filter options available:

HydROtwist premium single quick change 5 micron granular activated carbon (Included as the standard filter)

HydROtwist premium single quick change 1 micron carbon block

HydROtwist premium twin quick change with 5 micron GAC/PHO scale reduction pre filter & 1 micron carbon block post filter

The instant Hot & Chilled water dispenser comes complete and ready to install.

Kit Includes:

- 1/2" Connection Kit with Ball Valve and Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV)
- Stainless Steel Tank with Tubing and Fittings
- Premium HydROtwist IC8 Under Sink Chiller
- Designer Dual Faucet/Tap
- Choice of Water Filter System. Please choose above
- 2 Year Warranty*

Boiling Cups: 60 cups per hour at approx 93 degrees celsius
Chilled Cups: 40 glasses per hour at approx 6 degrees celsius

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