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HydROtwist Faucet Tap Mount Replacement Filter

HydROtwist Faucet Tap Mount Replacement Filter
HydROtwist Faucet Tap Mount Replacement Filter
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Replacement Filter to suit the HydROtwist Faucet Tap Mounted Water Filter Purifier.

Filter Change:

1. Turn OFF faucet, switch selector to “Tap” position., Twist off filter to remove it from the selector.

2. Twist open the housing to expose carbon block, discard old filter and replace with new one.

3. Replace the housing back on to the filter base.

4. Twist lock the filter housing back onto the selector.

5.Flush the filter for 60 seconds until water runs clear.


Q: Water Leaking from the faucet adaptor to threads on mounting nut A: Check to see the washer is seated correctly.

Q: Slow Flow rate in filter position A: Filter Requires Replacement, OR Check Water Pressure OR Check Water Quality

Q: Water slow in both “Tap” & “Pure” Position A: Clean the Internal Mesh in the Selector – There may be a sediment build up or Calcium.

Q: Taste or Odour Issue in filter A: If filter is new, allow longer flushing time. If filter is older – Replace Filter. 

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