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Water is a universal solvent and dissolves more substances than any other liquid.

Tru Water Filters is Australia's leading water filter supplier. We can supply your Home, House or office with clean drinking water with one of our water filter systems. Premium USA made water filters allow you to be free from contaminants found in everyday drinking water. If you are looking for Whole Home or House filter systems we have the correct filter for you.

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Tru Water Filters is an Australian owned and operated business with more than 15 years industry experience.

Started from humble beginnings in a Sydney garage with only a handful of products and one staff member, the company now distributes globally with regional operations in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia the US and UK. We currently warehouse in Sydney and have holding depots around the country.

We have developed cutting edge technology which allows us to distribute from Los Angeles, California and Sydney, New South Wales globally with a small foot print on shipping costs and distribution costs allowing us to mantain lower retail prices for all consumers. We have also adopted a price beat guarantee on all replacement water filters and systems allowing a competitive edge to competitors and other service industries.

Tru Water Filters utilises the Los Angeles warehouse for time critical products which is achievable by strategically placing the warehouse a 5 minute drive to LAX airport and using carriers that specialise in freight from the US to Australia. Our warehouse is fully operational with staff to pack, ship and process orders utilising the cheapest and most cost effective freight options to our customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Our mission is simple ‘To provide cleaner drinking water to all and to achieve this we stock the largest range of replacement water filters to suit all major brands.

We have built an enviable reputation as product experts and pioneers setting the benchmark in the water filtration industry, built upon old fashioned values and entrepreneurial innovation in the promotion of health and well-being.

We have invested heavily in developing secure state of the art e-commerce architecture delivering cutting edge functionality and the best prices around.

Tru Water Filters is a long standing member of the Water Quality Association and enjoys an active ongoing relationship with the community. We strive to be the best in the Water Filtration Industry.

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The Truth About Fluoride

Fluoride is a common and naturally-occurring mineral found in water and certain types of food. It is purposely added to the water supply to promote dental health. Advocates of fluoridated water claim that this chemical additive is essential. However, recent studies have shown that highly fluoridated water can actually cause a variety of health risks, including reduced IQ and brain damage. These findings have motivated people to install office or house water filter systems to remove the chemical in their drinking water.

Such conflicting assertions can confuse even the most discerning consumer. So what is really the truth? Here at Tru Water, well share some quick facts and answers to frequently-asked questions about fluoride and water fluoridation that you ought to know.

Why is fluoride added to water?

First used in the 1940s, fluoride is added to the water supply for caries prevention. It is known to stop the enzymes that form acid-producing oral bacteria whose acids weaken and destroy the tooth enamel.

What makes it different from other chemicals added to water?

Unlike water treatment chemicals like chlorine, fluoride isnt used to keep drinking water safe and free from bacteria. Rather, its used as a medication to prevent a disease not caused by the water itself. Many European countries have refused or stopped fluoridating their water supply due to ethical and medical considerations.

What are other sources of fluoride?

These days, there is no shortage of products containing fluoride. Other sources of fluoride include dental products such as toothpastes and mouth rinses, processed food and drinks, tea and supplements. Due to the ubiquity of fluoride-containing products, many argue that water fluoridation is no longer necessary as it only exposes consumers to the various risks associated with excessive fluoride intake.

What are the health effects of water fluoridation?

As discussed in a previous post, excessive exposure to fluoride in drinking water may lead to dental and skeletal fluorosis, thyroid damage, as well as arthritis, reproductive and kidney problems, and brain damage.

What can be done to minimise fluoride exposure?

There are several ways to reduce fluoride exposure and consequently, its adverse health effects. One of the most effective is using water filters. Reverse osmosis filters, in particular, can effectively eliminate fluoride from tap water.

Stopping water fluoridation is a difficult task for now. The least you can do is avoid ingesting excessive fluoridised water through the use of filtration products.

At Tru Water, we aim to keep your drinking water clean and free from contaminants with our range of filtration solutions. To help eliminate fluoride in your tap water, we offer a selection of reverse osmosis systems that meets your needs. We also carry other filtration products such as fridge filters and shower filters in Australia.

To find out what system suits you best, dont hesitate to call our team on 1300 554 878. Wed be glad to help.

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