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Only 0.5% of the worlds water resources are available to provide for the freshwater needs of our planets ecosystem and population. Water is not distributed evenly around the globe. Less than 10 countries possess 60% of the worlds available freshwater supply.

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ZIP Industries Compatible 28004 Single Action Water Filter
ZIP Industries Compatible 28004 Single Action Water Filter
A much more affordable replacement to the genuine 28004 whic...
4 of 5 Stars!

Tru Water Filters is Australia's leading water filter supplier. We can supply your Home, House or office with clean drinking water with one of our water filter systems. Premium USA made water filters allow you to be free from contaminants found in everyday drinking water. If you are looking for Whole Home or House filter systems we have the correct filter for you.

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Tru Water Filters is an Australian owned and operated business with more than 15 years industry experience.

Started from humble beginnings in a Sydney garage, the company now distributes globally with regional operations in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia the US and UK.

Our mission is simple ‘To provide cleaner drinking water to all’.

We have built an enviable reputation as product experts and pioneers setting the benchmark in the water filtration industry, built upon old fashioned values and entrepreneurial innovation in the promotion of health and well-being.

We have invested heavily in developing secure state of the art e-commerce architecture delivering cutting edge functionality and the best prices around.

Tru Water Filters is a long standing member of the Water Quality Association and enjoys an active ongoing relationship with the community.

Thirsty India looks to Murray-Darling model
Serious shortage issue: Australia will share its hydrological modelling software Source with India to help the country bettter manage its water. Photo: Justin McManus

Toilet-to-tap: recycled water gets the hard sell
Australians will be encouraged to embrace highly treated sewage for drinking in the strongest push so far to overcome the "yuck factor" and push the contentious option onto the national agenda.

Could this mean the end of the line for the plastic water bottle
It's a battle over billions, but both sides agree plastic bottle sales are falling, writes David Sygall.

Why Sprite Shower Filters Are Simply The Best

We recently had a customer come into our store with eczema and the first thing we did was recommend a sprite shower filter, After the customer had been using it for a few days he noticed a big improvement and here is what David had to say:

"Literally from the very first shower that I had after you installed the filter, I noticed a big difference in the softness of the water and a much lesser dryness and irritation on and around the areas affected by eczema. I would say within a week, the eczema had pretty much gone. I was starting to get some areas of dryness around my neck, these areas also cleared up a week after filter was installed. Best investment we have made."

How a Sprite Shower Filter Can Improve Your Skin

After such great results he followed up with this statement:

"My youngest daughter (20 months) has some dry areas around her face. I will be taking her out of the bath (no filter) and washing her in the shower to see if her condition changes and will let you know."

So if you suffer from skin irritation or dry hair then try a Sprite Shower Filter, We have had nothing but positive feedback from Seniors, to young adults and even babies.

David is using a Sprite Brass Chrome HOC Shower Filter

Overal Rating:

Written by: George
Date added: 10/05/2014

Excellent tap, I have been looking and waiting for a pull out mixer with filtered water side for a long time. When my current spray tap developed some issues i decided to have a look again and found this. Absolutely love it

Overal Rating:

Date added: 08/26/2014

a pain to change...
Sometimes i find it very hard to change the filter as it doesn't always line up and i continually get reminded by the unit to change the filter when i have. The filter itself seems to be way over priced when a friends rain water tank uv costs $129 a year to maintain and its 10 times the size. This will be the last time i change this filter will invest in something else.

Overal Rating:

Date added: 08/24/2014

Good quality..
Good quality reverse osmosis system without the price tag. Works well and fully portable.

Overal Rating:

Date added: 08/23/2014

Tastier water...
Not sure if tastier is the most appropriate word but these do make the the tap water nicer. No chlorine smell. Good price as well.

Overal Rating:

Date added: 07/27/2014

I was shocked when i moved into a house which had one of these zip units with the cost of $239 for the filter alone. This compatible filter fits perfect and costs less.

Overal Rating:

Date added: 06/21/2014

nice water...
Water taste really nice out of this filter, I replace it when the pool taste starts to come back which is every 10 or so months. Also decent price compared to other places

Overal Rating:

Date added: 06/15/2014

$229+ for a genuine....?
Couldn't believe the price of the genuine 91290 when it came to replacing it for the first time. Did some hunting and found a compatible replacement that looks pretty much identical. Filter seems to be doing the same job will see how long it lasts.

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